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Welcome to Brighty Pals

Introducing StArY & OrBiT : Our first creations that bring joy night and day.

 The 'magical' power of the Light Up horn helps kids feel comfortable at night, so they sleep better and so do the parents..

Not just a night light. Not just a plush.

A patented, motion sensor operated, unique companion that touches the imagination.

Explore below to see why there is nothing else like StArY & OrBiT.

The Challenge

Kid's imagination causes anxiety at night and prevents comfortable sleep.

Current products lack Imagination

A night light does not 'protect' a child from the imaginary scary things.  Plus research shows it is better to sleep in the dark, even dim nightlights are too bright.

A blanket / stuffed animal / noise making toy does not 'protect' nor light up when needed.

Enter OrBiT and StArY

 The motion sensor in the chest detects any person or 'monster' that enters the room and lights up the soft flexible horn.  The 'magical' light of the horn instantly brightens the room and brings comfort to the waking child.  The horn automatically turns off after a few minutes.


Perfect Day & Night, at Home or Away

Take StArY & OrBiT on sleepover, road-trip, vacation or even school as a comforting companion.

The Patented Bright Idea

Toy operates in two modes designed for Hugging and Guarding.

Modes are selected by pressing the 'horn' image on the foot/hand (by adult or child)

Hugging Mode

Motion sensor is active for 30 minutes and horn lights up when motion detected. Horn turns off after 1 minute, but sensor is still active and will turn the horn on if motion detected.  After 30 minutes of no motion when child falls asleep, the sensor is deactivated so the horn won't light up again accidentally if child happens to roll over during the night.


Guarding Mode

Similar to hugging mode, but the motion sensor is active for 10 hours and horn lights up when motion detected throughout the night.  In this mode, horn turns off after 5 minutes.    

We are launching with two fantasy creatures that hold special spot in our imaginations

* A simply magical 14" long Unicorn with beautiful rainbow tail and mane *


* An absolutely adorable 14" tall Dragon that is friendly and super soft and super cuddle worthy *​  

Safety: all our products meet or exceed all local safety regulations for the region we ship.


Both of these have soft bendable horns made of child safe material.

Both come in a retail box which includes instructions, batteries, and are perfect for gift wrapping.

For more info, videos, guide on operation see our FAQ page.

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Take StArY with you.

When turned off, you can play with toy just like a normal stuffed plush during day or night.