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  • Handling OrBiT and StArY - be gentle!
    Just like any toy with electronics, some care is needed: - don't submerg in water - don't grab the light up horn and abuse it - just like all lights, abusing it will damage it - don't use as a toy for pets - this is not a chew toy for animals - don't feed OrBiT or StArY - they don't eat food, just good quality batteries are enough Enjoy
  • Who will love playing with OrBiT and StAry?
    StArY is a Unicorn and Unicorns love boys and girls, kids and grown ups! OrBiT is a Dragon with a kind smile, and just like StArY, it loves everyone too.
  • How do you operate OrBiT and StArY?
    When you first recieve the toy, it will be in 'Try Me Mode'. First, open the velcro area under the belly and gently pull out the battery box. There are 3 settings on the battery box: Try Me, On, and Off. To operate in normal mode, move the switch to On and then follow the instructions on the box. If you don't have the box or it was eaten by your pet, see the question "I don't have the box, now what?"
  • My pet ate the box, I don't have the box, now what? How do OrBiT and StArY work?"
    It is super complicated, you need tons of tools and a super computer. Actually, just kidding, it is super easy. - Open the velcro area under the belly - Pull out the battery box slightly, not all the way - Make sure the switch is in the ON postion (when you first get the toy, the switch is in Demo position) - Gently insert the battery box in the belly and securly close the velcro opening Operation: there are two modes 1) Hugging - press the embroidery on the hand or foot one time - the horn will blink once - after 2 seconds, the toy is active and the horn will light up if it senses motion (the sensor is in the chest, small round plastic thing facing forward) - after 1 minute of no motion, the horn starts to dim and turn off - if within 30 minutes there is motion, the horn lights up again - if no motion for 30 minutes, then the sensor is OFF and won't detect motion, it won't light up the horn - to restart the Hugging mode, just press the embroidery one time 2) Guarding - when horn is off, press the embroidery on the hand or foot twice quickly - the horn will blink twice - everything else is the same as Hugging, except: - when the horn is on, it stays on for 5 minutes. - after 5 minutes, if no motion, then the horn starts to dim and turns off - the sensor is active for 10 hours, so if during 10 hours there is motion, the horn lights up again - if after 10 hours there is no motion, the sensor is deactivated. Any questions, just email us at
  • Battery and On/Off switchs.
    The Battery compartment is in the belly of the toy. To access it, just pull apart the small slit under the belly which is held shut with velcro. For safety reasons, to access the batteries, you need to unscrew the battery door via a screwdriver. This is intended to be done by an adult to keep young kids away from the actual battery. There is an On/Off switch on the battery compartment. First time you install battery, put the switch on ON and leave it that way. The design of the toy enables it to last a long time on one set of batteris because it shuts itself off, unlike other toys that may stay on all night. After you have set the switch to ON, tighten the screw and put the compartment back in the belly and close the velcro slit neatly. Now refer to the Basic section about further operating info.
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