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Our first two cuddly toys are StArY & OrBiT.

Motion activated LED Light Up Horns Deter the Imaginary Monsters.

Help Bring Comfort - Day and Night.

Watch the video below to see how they work!

The Challenge

Kid's imagination causes anxiety at night and prevents comfortable sleep.

Current products lack Imagination

A night light, blanket, or simple stuffed animal does not 'protect' a child from the imaginary monsters.  

Enter OrBiT and StArY

The motion sensor detects any person or 'monster' that enters the room and the 'magical' light of the horn instantly brightens the room and brings comfort to the waking child. The horn automatically turns off after a few minutes.


Perfect Day & Night, at Home or Away

Take StArY & OrBiT to a sleepover,  on a road-trip, vacation or even to school.

Hugging Mode

Motion sensor is active for 30-minutes.  Horn lights up if motion detected during this timeframe, and horn turns off if no motion after a minute; but will light up again if motion during remainder of the 30-minutes.


Guarding Mode

Similar to Hugging Mode, but motion sensor is active for 10-hours and horn light duration is 5 minutes.

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